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We breed for vigorous health, outstanding color and a great personality. I love having babies to play with and love. They make me laugh, love, & live life. That is the reason I love to breed and share the experience of such exceptional cats as long lasting companions & friends. These special cats & kittens become endearing family members. Another plus is the Siamese longevity which the breed is known for.

All my kittens are raised under foot and there are no cages. They are my loving, affection house pets. All of our Queens & Sires, have been raised from kittens with us to ensure friendly, loving personalities.

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries.

🐾“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.” Albert Schweitzer​🐾

We are a smaller registered  breeder of both Classic & Traditonal Siamese cats in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home and are important members of our family. They have the run of the house. Kittens will have good manners & are litter trained. They are very well socialised  before they go to their forever homes. We also like to stay in touch with all our kitten owners and ask that they provide us with follow up photos and information.

Because I work from home I am at home with our cats &  kittens fulltime. They are never left in cages. We do not cage our cats.

We go out of our way to make your

 selection and purchase of a Siamese kitten a happy and comfortable stressfree process.

We offer a detailed kitten diary for the families on our waiting list. Everyone can follow along from the day the kittens are born and  as they develop. We are an honest and ethical breeder and put everything that happens with our kittens into their diary. We stay in touch with our kitten owners and are always available to offer support along with our experience and knowledge. We love receiving updates & photos of our kittens as they grow up with their families.

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the original Siamese once looked like before it was changed into the extreme  modern show Siamese we see today.  We have an ongoing project to share all the historical photos and information we learn and find available to us with anyone wishing to be informed. 

Our Goal as a responsible & ethical breeder is to preserve the Siamese cat as it was when it first was brought to England & North America at the end of the 1800's from Siam (now Thailand) to the 1940's. We choose our breeding cats for health, personality,  structure, and color...and in that order.

We are a Registered Breeder & home based Cattery. Our Cats are also part of our family, and live with us freely in our home.

We offer life long support for all of our cats & kittens, all of our kittens come with a spay/neuter agreement, vet examination, required health certificate,  core vaccinations, registration papers, 30 pet insurance, Flea Treatment, a Royal Canin kitten kit , a toy & a blanket with the scent of their mother for easier transition into their new home and lives.

Our kittens do not leave their mothers until they are 12- 16 weeks of age depending on their development on an individual basis, some take a couple weeks longer to be ready and we are absolutely ok with this.

You will be required to fill out a kitten application, on approval  if we think you a suitable home. If you wish to be placed on our wait list feel free to message me. 

Because we are a home based cattery we work from a waitlist system, this benefits you as well as us in securing good homes for our kittens. Our waitlist is first come first serve.  We do not have many litters per year, and demand is alway high, therefore we feel this sytem works best and helps things run smoothly. A non refundable deposit is required to place a kitten on hold.

We have a waiting list, we feel great things are worth waiting for, and we breed selectively 

for the health and well being of our Registered Siamese Kittens

Reserve your Traditional or Classic Registered Siamese from our next and upcoming  litter.

 ~A Siamese Cat Is A Lifetime Commitment~

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